• Bookings

    The first touch point with patients (customers) is the booking experience. Making this experience simple and efficient should be the goal of every medical practice. WebDr automates and streamlines bookings with confirmation and reminders sent promptly to customers

  • Records

    Proper record management is key to any medical practice. Its not just about keeping records, its also about easy access and security of information in such records. With WebDr records management is enhanced improving lifetime access and information security.

  • Consultations

    Medical consultations should be smarter. From referencing past records to taking clinical notes, WebDr makes it easy to refer to specific records and link related notes over a period. And with end-to-end encryption the records are secure enabling online consultations and sharing of test results with patients.

  • Inventory

    Every medical practice has some form of inventory; either as medicines used during consultations and/or issued to patients from the dispensary. WebDr allows for manageing the stock levels from receiving to utilisation. It therefore becomes easy to track stock items and ensure availability as required.

  • Resources

    Your practice has resources in the form of buildings, vehicles and equipment. You want tot make sure you know the state of these resources at any given time. WebDr lets you log resources capturing every instance including acquisition, utilisation, maintenance and disposal. You have full visibility of your resources all the time.

  • Engagement

    Engaging customers should be central to any medical practice. From booking confirmations to reminders and customised advice, WebDr makes engaging patients simple and prompt. Such engagement enhances customer experience and improves retention.

  • Automation

    Automating processes improves efficiencies. From bookings and scripts reminders to assigning tasks and engaging with stakeholders. WebDr lets you set triggers in terms of time and/or preset instances. This ensures no tasks is missed or delayed and reflects professionalism to stakeholders, including customers.

  • Analytics

    A personal touch is key in a doctor-patient relationship. Aggregated data tells a story about your customers and allows you to reach to them with greater insights on their health. You don't just glean insights about patients with WebDr analytics you have an aggregated view about all aspects of your practice; you have foresight.

Webhealth and WebDr are digital applications developed by Mzansi Digital Partners. Our company provides digital solutions to organisations with a focus on app development, ecommerce and automation. Our approach is that of being a partner to our customers who are generally small businesses with limited internal IT resources and competencies.

As a solution partner we help SMEs identify gaps in their operations and propose digital technologies that can close these gaps and markedly improve efficiencies.

Webhealth and WebDr are such solutions aimed at helping medical practitioners digitise their processes thus enhancing operational efficiencies and customer experiences.  While Webhealth is customer facing to allow for bookings and patient engagement including online consultations, WebDr is about the management of the practice from administration to consultations, inventory, resource and stakeholder management.

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